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Shell Fish.

Here at Rx fisheries we deal in a lot of shellfish and this is the place to get yours from. We sell everything from ready to eat cockles, whelks, prawns, crayfish, mussels to live clams, razor clams, rope grown mussels, whelks etc. King prawns raw and cooked right through to prime lobsters, crabs, oysters, giant raw prawns, real lobster tails and we can get any form of shellfish you require. If we don't stock it then we can get it in most cases. We are also more than happy to do seafood platters to order which look fantastic with all the garnish and bright colours and go down a treat in the middle of the table at parties or if you are entertaining. We have some of the best shellfish suppliers in the country to hand and have a very good working relationship with them, we have visited all their sites to make sure it's up to our standards and have picked only the best so we can be sure our customers are getting what they deserve and that's only the best . We also hold live lobsters and live crabs in stock most days and we are investing this summer 2015 in new live tanks so that we have plenty in stock daily and you can choose your own lobster or crab from the tanks. We have full traceability on all our shellfish products right back to the vessel they were landed on and makes us above any health and hygiene recommendations. ONLY THE BEST. 

*please note that we do not recommend our seafood platters for mail order as they may not look their best when delivered due to getting tipped around in transit, but we will send at the customers request.