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Smoked for us in Hastings.

At Rx fisheries we sell a large range of some of the best smoked fish available. All our fish is smoked for us by a local smoker just 20 yards away from our shop, its so close you can actually smell the smoke coming from the smoker. All the smoking is done using old traditional methods and that is why it's the best around as our smoker is passionate about what he does and the way he does it giving only the best. He has been doing this for many many years now and is the best fish smoker around in our opinion . That is why we let him smoke all our fish for us, as it would take us many years to get to the standard that he is at and we will only ever sell the best to our customers. If someone can do it better than we can then we use them to do it for us as at the end of the day the best is important to us and our customers. Smoked haddock, whole kippers, kipper fillets, smoked hake, smoked cod, buckling, bloaters, smoked mackerel, smoked cod roe, smoked prawns, cold smoked salmon and kiln roasted salmon is just a little of what we have to offer in our smoked range. We are also very happy to take requests for any other species you would like smoked as a special order. Nothing is too much trouble for the RX team and if we can help you in any way then we will.