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Our cod at the moment is plentiful and being landed to us daily, it's all local and landed by the Hastings RX fleet and is some of the best cod you could ever eat. The big thick chunks are beautiful simply roasted and served with a parsley sauce. 

Our local Gurnard are also plentiful at the moment and well worth a try if you fancy trying something a little different. This fish has always been very highly valued by the French and in the last few years the British have started to find out why. The flesh is similar to monk fish but it flakes and can be baked whole or fried as fillets, and the bones pack a lot of flavour which is a great choice for a stew or soup.

We are getting some fantastic sweet flakey Haddock that is best done the good old fashioned way and dipped in egg and breadcrumbs and shallow fried.

Beautiful sweet Lemon soles landed locally are a fantastic choice and taste great just grilled with some parsley butter.

Lots of the very popular prime Dover sole being landed from Hastings now. This is simply just one of the best fish there is. We will skin, head and trim them for you then simply fry with a knob of butter or place under the grill.

We are getting some lovely prime Turbot widely regarded as the king of fish with an incredible depth of flavour, and is best cooked on the bone to keep it moist. Just roast and serve with hollandaise.

Cornish Monkfish is coming in as good as ever. This firm meaty fish is the best there is for making kebabs for the barbecue and is perfect for curry's and stir fries. Also fantastic as a fillet wrapped in pancetta and roasted.

Our Skate is coming in daily from the Hastings RX fleet and is the best it gets. Big thick wings that give sweet flakes. Pan fry, roast or poach served with lemon and capers and you wont go wrong. Also Skate Cheeks are available too.

Our wild Seabass are hook and line or drift net caught from the south coast much of the time from the Hastings RX fleet. These stiff silver bars are the king of the sea and our best seller. Roast them with a good quality olive oil that we sell and some sea salt and you will be hooked on the fish for life.

The world famous Rye bay scallops are in season now and should stay till late march early April. These scallops are one of, if not the best in the world and are celebrated  each year with a Rye bay scallop festival in mid February. To cook simply put in a hot pan and sear for just 60 seconds each side, good cooked with bacon and cream also and served on a bed of rice.

This is just a very short idea of what we offer in our shop but we have much much more to offer with over 60              species in stock daily. Plus we can get hold of 99% of fish from all over the world if you would like something a bit different.